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Behind the name: Nation

What I love about the definition of Nation is that it does not define a race, religion, gender, or place, it is whatever we choose to make it. So what if our unique purpose was to find ways in which we purposefully  look out for each other? Have a tough but real conversation with a pursuit of understanding founded in compassion, to think through and understand the view of another, say hi, say I am sorry, or say I love you to someone that does not look like ourselves.  Or when we see there is a need, we head towards a solution. Those are purposes I can get behind and call it a "Nation", that is what I want #wearenation to mean, that we come around and explore what our purpose looks & means through art, through conversation, and new experiences.


With their first album coming out, summer of 2018, Nation has been looking forward to inviting others to be a part of the music. Nation takes an honest look at what shapes us and has not been afraid to dive further in to how those emotions envelop the sound. The music does not shy from personal experience and telling those stories with energy and emotions obvious in both the live performance and the sound scape of the upcoming album.

Nation has opened for NPR recognized groups such as the duo, Lowland Hum, & Minneapolis based, We Are the Willows. As well as Rolling Stone top 10 new country artist Jack Grelle, and nationally touring act Jared and the Mill. Nation has played for the New Generation Music Festival, the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award Showcase, and frontman Topher Booth was a 2017 arts grant recipient from the Omaha Creative Arts Institute. 

I’m just a book, come take a read, write a line or two, or just leave it be. So authors of the world be kind, because the thing with books I find, is with each stroke of ink we sign, there’s no rewind.
— Line from song "Authors"
They said come on down to the river today then they held me under water till I’d call on His name, oh no, I thought it was my last day.
— Line from song, "River"
I’ve seen the light at the end of the barrel, I’ve seen the light at the bottom of the bottle, I’ve seen the light at the tip of the needle, I’ve seen the light, I’ve seen the light, and I’m coming home.
— Line from song "Coming Home"


Selected by Jury out of over 130 applications Topher Booth was recently awarded a grant by the Omaha Creative Institute for his work in the field of songwriting and musical performance. 

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The Heart Space

Connecting Arts & Community

In July of 2017 Topher Booth co-founded The Heart Space, an arts initiative non-profit. Its most recent program connects local song-writers with high school students in a mentorship program.